Lysander Counselling and Coaching
Lysander Counselling and Coaching

Counselling and/or Coaching?


What is counselling?

Counselling is the means by which one person helps another through purposeful conversation.

Counselling is a method of identifying practical solution to an identified problem.

Counselling, or psychotherapy, can be one session, or six, or open-ended, it depends on each individual client.

There are numerous issues and problems that can affect out state of mind, wellbeing or happiness 

Personality problems

Family conflicts, Personal problems (Difficulty to adjust with others) etc.

Educational problems: Lack of motivation, Reading difficulties, etc.

Vocational problems

Difference between interests & aptitude

Financial problems

Need for self-support at school or college

Health problems Psycho-somatic disorders (Insomania)

Counseling is not 


Treatment of severe mental illness

Solving client’s life’s problems, more a way of coming to terms with them.

Not a remedy for all problems at a single instance


Coaching is

A way of assessing your needs, provide strategies for coping with changes and achieving your life goals with successful outcomes










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